week old golden comets-do they need heat lamp?


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May 11, 2010
Plymouth, Massachusetts
Hi everyone...I have 4 one-week old Golden Comets residing in a spare bedroom that's about 70° right now and they're quiet and looking comfy snuggled next to each other and they are not shivering...been using a heat lamp 24/7 until today as it got quite warm in there...wondering if I need to plug in the lamp or leave it dark? our thermostat is set to 68°… thank you.


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Apr 14, 2009
It's about anywhere between 68 to 70 in the house where they are at
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How old are your chicks? If they're brand new, less than a week old, they'll be most comfortable in 90-95 degree heat as measured right under the lamp, with room in their brooder to move away from the heat as they prefer. I'd probably leave the heat lamp on all the time, but make sure that they have enough space to get away from the heat if they wish.
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