week old turken chick is sick!


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Jun 7, 2010
I have quite a few chick, they are about a week old. (received in the mail, if that's of any importance) One of the turkens never acted quite right since we got him..not as much energy as the rest of them but I just figured he was slow or something. But just tonight he started acting very sick. I made sure his vent was clear, and it is but he is just sort of staggering or standing still, panting, ,with his eyes closed. He has never been wet, or cold..nothing like that. The rest are very healthy. I'm guessing he was weak to begin with but I hate to just sit here and do nothing, especially if there IS something I can do. You just never get used to this, do you?


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Nov 9, 2007
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I feel so bad for you and I'm afraid I'm not going to be much help. I lost a 2 day old EE chick yesterday; just wasn't right from the beginning.
Any possibility of the chick being too hot? I had another chick starting to act bad, actually the rest of them were acting a bit sluggish. Lowered the temp. (turning off their heat lamp, it's super hot here) and they all perked back up.
Do you have any poly-vi-sol vitamins (human baby vitamins without iron) on hand? Try a drop directly in the chicks mouth. I wasn't able to get any poly-vi-sol, but I did get some poultry vitamins and electrolytes at the farmer's co-op and added that to the chicks water. It was getting to be that time of year when I needed it for the big chickens anyhow.
Good luck to your little one. Sometimes all the intervention in the world makes no difference.

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