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May 13, 2012
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i've heard of the term "weeping" often on this site... but theres never a definition. How will i know if one of my eggs is weeping? i just set them saturday... how soon can you tell?
You could have a weepy egg by now. I'm sure there are different descriptions of a weeping egg but for us what we've seen is one day the egg looked clean and normal, the next day there was a small greenish-yellowish bump on the outside of the shell. The egg must have gone bad or was infected with bacteria and the heat of the incubator is helping it to grow inside the egg. It eventually seeps through the pores of the egg from the pressure building up inside it. Now it's "weeping".

When we experienced it these were eggs that came from FL in July. They might have gone bad from the heat. 2 days later in the incubator they were weeping. If you have eggs that you believe are weeping, best to remove them asap.
If an egg goes bad and weeps, you will generally smell and see it. Small beads of moisture will appear on the shell. After candling keep an eye on 'questionable' eggs. They are the ones most likely to weep. When it happens you will recognize what is going on.
and will you always be able to tell? i've been turning them three times a day like clockwork, so is there a possibility that i could miss something? this is the first time i've ever hatched eggs so i just want to make sure everything turns out ok..
yes you can miss something i also turn mine by hand and have had eggs start to smell around day 14 candel them around that time you can see the once that didn't take and those that are just sitting thier and rotting take all those out for the was your not sure on leave in thier for some time they are ok but also watch of any that looks like the are craking in a line and not peppeing for the sweet i have never had on sweet on me but have had them rot and start to smell you can some time find those by smelling the eggs

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