weevils in scratch, cracked corn, and laying mash,, feed it or not???

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8 Years
Jul 12, 2011
i have an old pick-up truck tool box, and i put it beside my chicken coop. i put 2 each bags of the above feed, for hard times, last november. i opened the box today, and it was full of weevils, i opened a bag of the layer mash and it was full also. is it o.k. to feed any of it to the girls???? i have a kale and mustard green patch broken up, not final tilled yet as still too hot and dry, and i could just pour the stuff on that and till it under for organic matter. what do you guys say?????
i have a metal garbage that i keep a bag of wild bird seed in, and feed the birds most afternoons. it has gotten weevils in it also, [ it is almost gone though ] and i have fed a cottage cheese bowl to the chickens each evening, weevils and all. they eat them too, more protein i thought. the layer mash looks junky, i might till it in the garden and feed some of the cracked corn and scratch to the chickens. i definitely don't want to give them anything that will be bad for them, as feed is too cheap to lose birds over.

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