Weezing hen...please help !

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    May 13, 2009
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    Hi Folks,
    Wow this has been a bad month for me and my peeps and ducks.
    I have a RR hen who is weezing very loudly. She seems to be breathing hard as if she were hot...it's been really cool here today so I know it's not that she is dehydrated.
    I just noticed this tonight. She seems to be ok otherwise.
    I examined her and she has a no discharge from her eyes or nostrils. Eyes seem clear and alert. No wasting...feels firm and healthy.
    She has been kind of stand offish with the other hens but not lame.
    I watched her tonight and she seems interested in foraging, wandering around ect...Does she have a cold ?
    I lost a hen yesterday from a bad infection caused by a wound from the roosters. I have rehomed all of my roo's.

    Now if I loose one more hen, I will really be upset.
    If anyone has any idea what is going on with the weezing, please let me know asap...Thanks, Ray
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    Try worming & antibiotics. [​IMG]

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