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    May 6, 2015
    I am pretty new to incubating and I decided to try the weight loss method on this last batch of runner ducks. I am nearing the end of day 24 and a lot of my eggs have 16-17% weight loss from the time I stuck them in the bator and since they are shipped eggs, I have no idea how much weight they lost in transit. Is this a problem? Can anyone chime in with any help or knowledge?
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    I don't believe it's a serious problem but you may want to raise humidity to hatching level now. That will stop the water loss in eggs. Top of my head optimal weight loss is 12-13%. All that means is that loss has been proven for the optimal hatching rates. A bit under or over isn't a serious problem but as stated would raise the humidity to 70% RH now to stop more water from evaporating from egg.

    Another way to check for weight loss without weighing is to candle the eggs to monitor air cell growth. Visual inspection of air cell is almost as accurate as weighing eggs. With all the variables thrown in and each egg being different the two methods are half a dozen and six difference.

    The days here are for chicken, just change dates and same model applies to duck.
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