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    Jun 3, 2011
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    I searched the forum to see if there is a current Weight Watchers support group here. I found some posts from awhile back - but nothing recently. If there's a current thread, and I just didn't find it, let me know and I'll join that one rather than starting another one.

    So I wondering if anyone is interested in starting a thread to support each other in Weight Watchers. I started back on the Points Plus plan on Sunday - so I'm on day 4. I attended a meeting this morning. I have made a commitment to stick with it for three months - till the end of the year. Then I'll re-evaluate and decide if I want to make another 3 month commitment. I know WW works for me as long as (1) I track everything I eat; and (2) I attend the weekly meetings. I tried doing the plan online, and I need that weekly accountability of attending meetings.

    Having chickens has helped me be healthier. I get outside numerous times every day to take care of them. And that's a biggie with me because I tend to be a hermit at times - and with chicken, you can't be an "inside" person. Plus watching them is good for my stress level. It is calming to me to sit outside and watch them. Chicken TV is actually very interesting!

    So - anybody else want to join in. No one has to share their weight - just chit-chat about trying to be healthy, getting exercise, share successes and disappointments. Anybody else?

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