Weird bugs in coop! HELP!


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8 Years
May 16, 2011
So the other day I thought I saw what was a small tiny beetle in my coop. No biggie I thought. I had just changed out the shavings. Well today I went out and starting emptying the shavings from last week and didn't see anything until I went to my shavings pile to dump another load. There were hundred of them on in the shavings I just dumped so I went back to the coop and started sifting through it and saw LOTS of them. The seem very shy, do not look like mites, fleas or ticks. They are black and dig down to the bottom of the shavings as soon as they see you.The squish easily not like fleas. I did not see any on my chickens, but still need to take another look. Does anyone know what they could be? I emptied the whole coop and kicked my chickens out and I'm going to use some bleach and DE. Any other suggestions?
Ok so I caught one. They have wings and are very small. Head is black and body is a brownish with black...hhhmmmm hope this helps.
No it doesn't. I have it in a baby food jar. Let me try to get a picture of it :) THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP :)

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