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  1. I have decided to candle all the eggs we have to narrow down on eggs to make up more room. I found SEVERAL very interesting eggs. One is PITCHED black on 3/4 of the egg while the top, narrow part, is seen through. Don't know what that means but didn't see any movements at all, so we discarded it (let me know if I might be wrong, they are in egg cartons right now in the oven (the oven is OFF but still hot and muggy in there due to Florida Humidity). Another one we found looks right but then we spotted a small dark spot floating around inside the egg.

    I wish I can get pictures from my cam to the computer. If I can get someone to transfer the pictures to USB I will for sure post them. They are the weirdest thing I have ever imagion.

    Hubby wanted me to go ahead and open the DARK egg but Im scared of what I might find! maybe a stinky mess?
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    Could you have one that is farther along? When they get to 15 or 16 days all you will see is mostly dark with a large air pocket.
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    well we did the same thing tonite and we opened ours. it was cloudy with a lumpy thing blob with a definite eye so I guess it just died early on. Some of the others looked like they did not have anything but when we opened them they had yucky yolk with very early development blob in them. We also had some we left in there that had some veins but were definately still floating around so we are going to recandle in another week and see where they are. Afraid of opening the incubator too much though taking them in and out to candle because of the temp fluctuations but I have read on here that a slight temporary fluctuation is ok because the hen gets off the nest to eat and drink. Well that is what we have experienced so far......
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    What day are you on?
  5. Quote:I have no idea. The guy that gave them to us said that they were only 6 days old (that was sunday) which is now 9 to 10 days now. Im going to put it back in the incubator with the others and keep an eye on it for a few days, see what happens.
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    I would think that one is much further along than the others I know as you get closer you can't see much but darkness inside like a solid mass. I am new at this but after doing a few hatches that is my experience anyways
  7. thanks guys. im going to keep my eyes on that one. am going to find something to "lock down" just that one egg and see what happens.
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    The one with the little black spot floating around would be about on day eight or so. I would keep the darker one also...maybe ahead of the others. Especially if your not seeing a blood ring or anything.
  9. Hubby and I talked about the Dark egg this morning and he told me to go ahead and open it up as a learning experience for me. I did and it was an almost due time Chick but already dead. Not sure of what caused it but at least now I know what is exactly to expect of a dark egg.

    He wants me to open up the dark spot one too but I haven't touched it, decided to leave that one alone. There is just a small tiny black spot, like a gravel or something of some short floating around inside the egg no where near the yolk.
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    hi.......pls don't take this as harsh....but the dark egg's chick may have been alive....died on openning it? the one with dark spot....well on around day 5-8 the eye of the chick is pretty much the only thing that is visable and it looks like a piece of gravel to me.......what could u see in the other eggs?? good luck with rest of hatch.

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