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    Sep 29, 2012
    I wrote and asked a while back for some help with our chickens not lying...I had already read many of your posts and told all the things I had tried and I didn't get any new suggestions. This is not a complaint as I really tried several things before asking. Anyway, we still have no eggs but about three weeks ago we had our rooster go over the fence to the Doggies side of the yard. They don't do this often but he was a big fatty and I don't think he flew was a fatal mistake. :( So two weeks ago a new rooster showed up. But I'm not completely sure he is new. When we took over the flock from the owners of the house we are renting I thought he was around then gone and now back. Other neighbors have flocks too. He looks more "rooster-y" than before too. Now another chicken was always here is developing more pronounced waddle and comb and is looking more manly also. Do young roosters. Wait to become manly if there is another rooster around? Will this help the egg problem? Is this not even all that interesting? (We have only lived here and had chickens since early June and they stopped laying in late June)

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    The rooster that maybe a return may have been a juvenile when you saw him before. The older rooster may well have chased him off. When they grow up in a flock they develop normally with all of the characteristics of a rooster. They may not crow or mate as much if they are not dominate however. Don't know enough to comment on the hens not laying.

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