Weird Chick Noise...Any Idea What it Means?


10 Years
May 18, 2010
So I have a 2 week old silkie in a hospital tank who is sneezing. I can't tell if she has rales or not, but if she does it's very minor.

Anyway, she has kind of stopped peeping...and instead makes a kind of cackle sound most of the time. It basically sounds like a choppy chirp, like breaking one long peep into 4 short ones. She does it all the time, especially when I take her out and hold her. Any idea what it means? She peeps sometimes, but it's mostly this sound lately...
Maybe she's a roo? Several BYCers have mentioned their roos trying to crow very early, making strange pre-crowing sounds as early as 2 weeks old, though most of them are older. I don't suppose you could get a recording of it, perhaps put a video up on YouTube?
Possibly a respitory infection? My maple sounded very hoarse when she had a RI for about 2 weeks. Her chirping was very scratching sounds.
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It was kind of like a trill I guess, but more of a distressed sound rather than a content sound. It's kind of hard to explain, maybe I'll try to get a video of her doing it when I get home.

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