Weird chicken poop??? please help

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    Dec 17, 2016
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    this is my first batch of chickens that im rasing and I noticed that for one, they are pooping A LOT and their poop has foamy white in it. Not all foamy white but its enough to notice. Also that they are sleepy all the time, they breathe kinda fast even while sleeping, and they sound like they're trying to blow snot out they're noses when they shake their head. does any one know why this would be happening?

    they are alittle over a week old
    they are given fresh water everyday
    they have 30% protein feed
    I clean their coop about every 2 days (mainly because all the poop)

    edit: also, the poop smells VERY bad btw and they fart a lot too
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    Pooping alot is totally normal for chickens. The foamy white stuff is their "pee" so to speak.

    Breathing fast could mean that they're too hot, but it's more likely just because they move alot faster than humans.Since they're just chicks, let them sleep. All babies sleep alot, so don't worry.

    When they shake their head, that's them sneezing, which is also normal.

    Don't worry, you'll learn how to tell when they're sick as they get older, and you get to know them better.

    Have fun with your new girls! And [​IMG]
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    Welcome to BYC.How often do they sneeze?What bedding do they have?
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  4. What are these Birds eating?
    Do you have enough ventilation?
    Could be respiratory?
    Tell me how they live...Clean coop?

    Fresh water....?


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