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    May 29, 2008
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    For tropical storm Fay we put our chickens up in cages on the porch. Today when I let them go free again my standard EE was aggressively attacking my banty roo. When they first started I picked her up, my mother said they were probably reinstating their dominants, so I put her back down and she viciously attacked him again, and then her sister joined in. :thun [​IMG] [​IMG] We broke it up and put her in the coop and she was trying to get to him through the chicken wire. I hate to keep her in the coop [​IMG] but she was being so mean to my little roo. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Also I put a bbroegb roo (ra), splash oegb hen(little bit), and blue choichen banty hen(snowball), all in a coop ra and snowball are use to each other, they have been together their hole life, I though ra would like another hen, so I put little bit in and snowball would just beat her up and would not let her be, so we took snowball out and put her in the time out cage, and she has been their cense then because she will not get along with anybody now not even ra. After the fair ra became aggressive to me so I did what the first person told me what to do and that was to pull out his long tail feather so I did and that did not help and some one else told me to hold his head down by the comb and keep it there till I can take my hand off and he will stay there, so I did that for a while and he started to listen and behaved, I have not had to do that in a while but I noticed that he we doing that to little bit when they are going to bed, when they are going to bed ra will peck at her till he is satisfied when he wants to sleep, she has to weigh till he is ready to eat before she can eat, he controls her like a controling boyfriend. [​IMG]

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