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Jan 1, 2012
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Last month I got chickens from ideal poultry. I'm new at raising chickens but I'm a converted them. My father have sheeps....I raised one of the and she is my baby but she hangs out with my father's herd all the time. She is really people friendly. Well, she was stolen 4 days ago. I'm devastaded. My Dora had a 1 month old baby that I'm trying to raise but he misses his mom and the rest of the herd so much is making my hearth cry. I had been force feeding him for the last days but was hard on both of us. he was crying non stop until in a desperate movement I decided to mix my chickens with the baby sheep. He is so calm!!!!! chicken magic. He even accepted the bottle....finally. they have known each other for only a few hours and the chickens are walking in the sheeps back...sleeping in his back...and he looks happy. Maybe changing the herd for a flock works. Any experiences like that. Tips on making this work. once the baby is big he will be returned to the herd (same pastures the chickens will free range) I'll post pictures soon. They look adorable. But I worry this is ok for both ....the chickens and the sheep...LOL...Just realized they all are one month old.
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That's so cute I can just picture it. Sounds like he was lonely and just need the comfort of a "herd" regardless so now his herd is a flock of chicks. I bet when he returns to the sheep herd that he hangs out with his herd until he gets a bit older. I had a male doxie raise a litter of kittens and the kittens acted more like puppies than kittens but as they got older their instincts kicked in and now they are typical cats
I have a goat (interesting story illl post in a bit lol ) named Hippo =) who is the same way .. I put her in the pen with the babies .. ( who are in a brooder . ) then added two ee hens i got from my grandma . ( the rest of the flock free ranges for now .. ) there is a big rabbit hutch in the baby pen that the young ones get moved into when they are bigger .. well i opened it up for the 2 hens .. and walked out to check on everybody after dark .. hippo sleeps with the 2 hens !! she shares her feed with them too ,, =) sheep/ goats seem to do good with the chickens =)

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