Weird hen question


8 Years
Jul 19, 2011
I have this EE hen that has only a few times laid an egg with a decent shell on it. I've tried supplementing the feed with oyster shell and with crushed egg shells and it doesn't seem to help her much. Most of the time the shells break in the nest. She once laid and egg with almost no shell. Just an light dusting of shell on a membrane. It was like picking up jello. Now, we're pretty sure which chicken is the problem one. She's a bit smaller than the rest and I have to clip her toenails regularly or they grow weird and she can't walk well.

Lately her eggs have been tasting like fish. They're horrible. We don't feed her anything different than we feed the others and their eggs are fine. She's not the dominant hen so she's not eating more of one thing than the others. She's been laying regularly (which is new for her) the past month or so, so I don't think there's anything stuck up in her.

I could use any ideas.
Two things to try. A vitamin boost or put apple cider vinegar in their water. The vitamin boost would increase her level of vitamin D, which is the one that helps with calcium up take. The ACV raises the acid level in the gut and that frees more calcium for her to absorb. If there are other things wrong with her it may be that's just the way she is.
In March I bought a young B.O. pullet, just started laying and went broody. That's why I bought her. But, since I got her, she hasn't laid 3 or 4 eggs, and the last one was just like yours - held together with membrane, no shell at all.

My other girls lay eggs that are so hard - I feel sorry for the little chicks having to get out.... I'll try a couple of these things and see if anything works...

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