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Jan 26, 2007
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We have two cocks almost two years old. Lately they have been harassing one of our (chicken) hens. She is a small black hen and they are India Blues. They follow her around everywhere, and whenever she stops, they get on each side of her and stare at her. I believe she is broody but if she is setting, I don't know where. I noticed a peacock carrying an egg around the yard the other day though I thought he might have found one in the woods or somewhere. Her rooster can't do much for her, he can't intimidate the peacocks, though he does try. The other hens will sometimes surround her and it seems they are trying to protect her and that seems to work pretty well. Even if I try to chase the peas off, they are very persistent and will wait til I leave so they can harass her again. I'm guessing they are sensing her fear? I have seen them sometimes stare at chickens who are in pens for whatever reason, and I always wondered if they were trying to intimidate the chicken. Or, do they have some sexual attraction for the poor hen? They are calling constantly, even to the neighbor's riding mower....
...I am reluctant to get peahens but I wonder if that would help? They don't bother the hen all day long but enough that it is beginning to concern me.
You mentioned possible broody... broody hens make funny noises. Peafowl are very attracted to anything out of the ordinary. This is what makes them great at moving snakes out of the yard. A snake coming through is something out of the ordinary so they gotta check him out and get all up in their faces until they go away.

So, when a broody hen comes off a nest and makes weird noises and acts weird too(fluffing up feathers, fanning the tail and wings), of course that is going to get the peafowl's attention, unfortunately. The only thing to do just give it time and the peafowl will eventually get bored and quit it.

Another common problem is when hens come off the nest with babies.. they are tied to the babies so they cannot just run off and hide and worse if the hen tries to make the peafowl go away, it can cause a big ruckus. If possible, just move hen and her babies to a pen or tractor where everybody can see each other. That way the peafowl can get bored with the hen and babies without making a ruckus.. after a couple weeks, the hen will not be so protective and the chicks will be mobile enough to keep up with her to get away from the peacocks if need be.
Thank you. Yes that is what we do anyway with all our hens and young chicks, they stay in a pen til the chicks are five to six weeks old. Keeps everyone out of trouble. But same thing, the peas will come up sometimes and stare at mom and babies, or lie down beside them on the other side of the fence.
I noticed though that they are getting used to the hen and babies thing and they don't harass them as much anymore.

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