Weird poop: normal or worrisome?


6 Years
Apr 2, 2013
I just got (relatively cheaply) two French Black Copper Marans and just about died. The woman transported them in damp, moldy boxes! I checked them over for mites/lice, etc before taking them and they appear to be healthy. No nasal discharge or sneezing or coughing. I pulled them out of the boxes and put them into a much larger dog crate so they weren't so cramped and out of the mold. As soon as I put one in the crate though it let go a poop that was very loose and green but not diarreah looking followed by a bunch of clearing fluid.

The liquid was dried up by the time I got the poop picture.

I got them home and thoroughly cleaned the crate and laid down fresh shavings and plenty of food with a little grit mixed in and water. I'm keeping them quarantined until I know what's up. I don't know if it was from being overheated stuffed in the small boxes in her trunk or if its something else. It's windy and not even in the 40s today so I'm not banking on overheating. I would have passed them up but they are hard to find here and I'm hoping I can get them back to health if they are ill.
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And after checking on them they've already emptied half the water I put down (probably consumed 1/2 cup) in about an hour and they ate all the food.
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