Weird "worm" like things coming out of the pores?


8 Years
May 3, 2011
Bradleyville, MO
We butchered a roo today, and when we were plucking the feathers, a lot of the pores/feather sockets had these gooey, worm like things coming out of them after the feathers were pulled out. I don't know that they were worms, but they were the shape of a worm. I didn't get any pictures, sorry. Does anyone have any idea what they were?
It's part of the feather - no worms

It's hard to explain, but there is a bit of living tissue deep in the quill - I *think* it's more prevalent in "new" feathers than "old" feathers.

Scrape it off with the backside of a knife, but if it's left, it won't harm anything.
I read this with a smile, you definitely have nothing to worry about. It's the liquid/gel ant the end of a feather. A light colored chicken will have a clear gel, a darker one will have a black gel.

Looks like a worm, but definitely not a worm...

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