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Jul 23, 2008
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I have 1 BR and 1 BO who are both full grown and were laying ok-ish, but then I got 10 white leghorns and they blew the brown egg layers outta the water because the brown girls started to only give me 1 egg every 3 or so days between the 2 of them.

Well 2 things happened recently that have me scratching my head. The first is: My 5 Black sex-links are getting close to laying age, but so far no squatting, no red comb, no pullet eggs, nothing. The second is: I had to buy layer feed at a different feed store because I was out of town and needed it for the next morning. I had been using Nutrena, but had to get Layena.

Here's where it's weird to me, I got 2 brown eggs yesterday, and another today. So either one of my BSL's started laying, or the difference in the food is what has prompted my girls to start laying better. I really want my BSL girls to pay the rent, but it would be equally nice to have my BR and BO pay it more often too

I guess time will tell.


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Jul 31, 2008
I have 10 hens and between the gals i get about 8 eggs a day on average and I fed the Layena

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Quote:I have 11 hens, use Layena crumbles and that is about my statistic as well, 7 - 8 average a day..9 in one day is cause for a celebration!!


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Aug 24, 2008
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The feed has alot to do with how well the hens lay. also hen over 2 yr. old lay every other day.

See were people add corn and wonder why their hen dont lay as before.

Want eggs feed a good layer feed.


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I have 18 hens. I fed my birds Nutrena from the day they were hatched starting with starter/grower crumbles now layer crumbles . I ran out of the Nutrena and bought some Dumor from TSC. My birds kind of stuck their noses up at it and didn't eat it very well and egg production went down, so maybe the feed has something to do with egg laying and what we initially feed them. Maybe if I had started with the Dumor and switched to Nutrena I would have gotten the same results.
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