Weirdness Contest GO!

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6 Years
Jan 13, 2014
The T.A.R.D.I.S.
Hey everybody, ever had a weirdness/randomness contest? It's really fun. You just post something weird you've said/done or just something random that pops into your head and at the end of the day at around 9-10 PM (in New Jersey.) I will chose a winner!
frosting covered cheese!
Yesterday, I spilled ravioli on the floor. So I did the logical thing and brought a chicken inside so she would eat it off the floor. She didn't.

Can we do more than one entry?

Yes you can! And the winning weird peep for today is..... FeatherBird! Yay! Your entry made me laugh so much I couldn't breath! Weird=awesome!
I was on a hike a couple months ago, and While climbing a mountain the reasonable thing to do when you only have one bottle, is to run up the steep mountain and eat salty trail mix.
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