Well built coop and run.


9 Years
Jul 15, 2010
Newnan Ga.
Just letting everyone know that when you're planning your coop and layout of the run, do not settle for quick and cheap. We went to Church Sunday after noon. We put the girls up while we were gone as we as we always do when we leave, and when we came back home there was a pack of four dogs trying to get into the pen. They were not successful. I'm glad that I took the time to use hard ware cloth and bury some around the edges. They tried to dig under and go through but never made it in. I do have some electric fenceing around the pen but it wasn't on. It is automatic and comes on at dusk. You never know when something will show up and try to kill your birds. I'm sure they'll be back but I feel they will fail again. Think of doing all you can to protect the investment you have put in.
Most people think it will never happen to them. A lot of people think there are no predators where they live, but they've never had anything to draw them in before.

My neighbor made fun of my security until he lost his entire chicken flock one night then all 4 turkeys the next night.
I agree. I figured if I was going through the expense and time and investment in raising chicks, I may as well do it very well and do my best not to lose any! I know too many people who have lost their birds, usually right before butchering or right when the pullets are due to lay. Murphy's law at work!
Amen to that! Glad to hear your birds were kept safe. You hear so many stories of birds lost to predators that, in my opinion, are fairly easy to keep out. I have never had a coon, possum, weasel, rat, dog, or anything else get into my coop and it really wasn't that hard to make it secure. I"m sure a bear could get in but we don't have those anywhere near us!
After I decided my chicken tractor was too backbreaking to move, I got a 10x10 kennel. It was actually easy to secure. I have welded wire on the top and hardware cloth apron on the bottom.

My family raised rabbits and no matter where we lived, sooner or later dogs would try and get them. They would bite their feet through the wire.

I'm hoping my own doggies will discourage that, but we do get an occasional possum or coon. A raccoon can wipe a whole flock out in one night. And they will remember and attack any new birds you get.
Whew! What a great feeling to know that your careful work paid off! I shudder to think of the scene that you would have encountered if you had not been so careful.

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