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    I took my dorkie old beagle to the vet today and found out that not only is the lumpy spot on his leg cancer, but that he also has a mass in his abdomen. Plus, his back issue (a compressed disk) is acting up again. He still seems happy and to be enjoying his favorite things in life - us and food. So, we'll just keep giving him anti-inflammatory meds until they don't seem to be helping anymore. The vet said that cancer can be inactive for a long time in dogs, so it may not become a major issue. He's 14, most beagles don't live past 13. We thought that we would have to put him down 2 years ago because of back pain, but he pulled through that. I'm really glad that we've had the past 2 years with him, he's a sweet little guy. I suspect that at this point we're looking at months and not years. We all know that it's inevitable with our pets, but I certainly don't like having to make the decision about when. Oh well, it's part of what we sign onto when we get a pet.


    This week has been a bit of a roller coaster ride in general. My brother's best friend passed away suddenly, my nephews were in a car accident and the eldest had to spend the night in the ICU with swelling around his heart (he's fine now). My sister's husband was having chest pain again and it turned out that he has another clot. Next week he will either have to have a stent put in or have bypass surgery - in which case I will be heading down there to help with childcare and support. All in all, we are very glad that he caught the clot before he had another heart attack and that his kids walked away from a pretty horrid accident. I am also very glad that my brother has such a strong friend support network and that they have all come together in their grief. I offered to go down there to be with him, but it seemed like what he needed was his group of friends who were close to George (the one who passed away). My brother will be trying to help George's husband through this horrible time, but I know that my brother is a strong and nurturing person and is up to it.

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    Goodness thats a lot in a small space of time [​IMG] At least with your dog you know he's had a good long life and you can cherish the time you have left. Hope all goes well for your brother in law [​IMG]
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    It's amazing how much an animal can touch our lives. And it's sad when they're nearing the end of their lives. All we can do is make it the best that we can for them and know that they love us just as much as we love them. [​IMG]

    So sorry to hear about all of the trajedy in your familys life lately.
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    I am sorry.... [​IMG]
    by the way, that is a great picture.

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    So sorry for all the tough times! My thoughts are with you and your family and your old pup too.. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    what a wonderful picture! he looks like a sweet guy...

    so sorry about all the stresses right now..

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    Thank you so much for the well wishes. It's been a bit surreal. Strangely, it seems less stressful when you have a whole bunch of things at once. It's as if there are too many things to focus on and obsess about. I was very concerned about my brother (we are very close), but I know that he is surrounded by loving friends and coping as well as can be expected. By the time I found out about my nephews, they were through the worst of it, so we already knew that they were going to be okay.

    My brother in law is concerning. He's young (in his 40's) and over the past 2 years he has had 2 heart attacks. Both times he died on the table. So, that he is having some clotting happen is scary. Heart disease runs in his family and he was a smoker for many years. We hope that my sister will have many more years with him, but to say that we haven't been thinking about what the best way to emotionally support my sister would be if the worst happens would be dishonest. Hope for the best and plan for the worst. He's a wonderful man and we all love him, but bad things do happen. I am really really glad that he listened to his body and went in when he was feeling "off".

    My dog has had a great life, I have no regrets about it. He has been the ideal family dog. The hard part is knowing when to let go. I don't want to let him suffer because I am not ready to let go. Right now he's doing okay, we'll just take it a day at a time. As long as he's not in pain and enjoys his favorite things (food and sniffing) then he's okay.
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    [​IMG] So sorry you're dealing with so much. Someone once told me to let the dog go while it was still able to wag it's tail. So many people hold on for themselves and the animal suffers. Sounds like you'll do the right thing and you'll let him go when he's ready. The good thing about dogs is that they don't have a concept of time. A day may as well be a week. Again, [​IMG]
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    So sorry [​IMG] Such a pretty face he has.

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    Angie I have my antique Beagle Sir Elliot, he is 27 years old and has had dealt with cancer so many times. He has the black moles again that means cancer and I am not going to put him through the treatments again. So far he is fine, but if it comes down to it I will take him in and hold him while he crosses the Rainbow Bridge. They give us the time they feel we need with them I guess, and Elliot has gotten me through two marriages and 19 years of being a single mom.

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