Well, here goes my first attempt!


12 Years
Feb 5, 2011
Southwest Indiana
So, I bought a homemade incubator last night from a fellow BYC'er through the powers of Craigslist! After making some minor adjustments (adding an auto egg turner, some additional tape, etc), I am testing it. Assuming things work, I have some hatching eggs to test in it (thanks so much bockbock2008 - So very much appreciated!!!). I will putting the eggs in tomorrow morning if I can get temperatures to regulate. All this is in preparation of 24 Delaware eggs that I will be getting at the beginning of April. Wish me Luck!

I'll update with progress....or lack thereof
So far so good....thermostat is staying on till 100.0 and then shutting off, then starting back up again when it gets down to 99.4 or so! I just added two pint jars of water for heat sinks.
Ok, so I am seeing 98.7 to 100.4. I have an indoor/outdoor thermometer, so I am able to get a reading at the front and the back of the incubator....varies less than one degree from front to back. Loving it so far!!!
Woke up and the temperature was still great! I just set my first eggs in the incubator - 3/2 @ 7:00 am cst.

They are mixed breed chickens for testing this incubator....I feel that things are going to go well.....crossing my fingers for an eventful day on the 23rd!
Two days in and things are running smooth so far. Running steady on temperature between 98.8 and 100.2 degrees with humidity at 40%.

So now all I do is wait? This part is tough!!!!

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