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Feb 27, 2008
I decided to take on the 1 year old RIR's and Buffs. Going to go pick up 40 of them on Sunday so now i have to bust hump and get temp hoop coops or something set up. Ends up being she got divorced and and was forced to sell her home therefor the chickens have to go to. She still has 120 or so to sell/place. I am going to take 30 RIR's and 10 buffs. The RIR's are picking on each other at the moment but by the way it sounds from her situation (she was crying as i was talking to her) that maybe her heart just isnt in it anymore since the divorce and forced sale of her home. She wasnt sure why they started picking on each other but did say that they have plenty of room and she feeds them all of the scraps from the local organic food store chains where she sells the eggs back to them for $5 a dozen. Didnt sound like she was feeding much else to them right now so i am betting from the information i have gathered with them being just 1 year old this month and fairly new to laying that its a good chance its a protein/nutrition thing. She said the buffs were doing fine just the RIR's having the issue so hopefully that rules out a mite/lice problem as it should be effecting them all if that was the case. Regardless i will inspect them well to make sure its not a lice or mite issue.
She didnt want to price them to me as she just wanted them to go to a good home. She accepted an offer of $100 for my pick of 40 so i dont think that was to bad maybe i am wrong.
Anyhow thanks for all the advise so far from you folks!


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Aug 22, 2007
40 for $100? Thats great!

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Mar 7, 2007
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To help you out, you can buy anti-pick medications at your local feed stores or online. Around here we have rooster booster. I would definitely put those girls on solid layer crumbs or pellets diet, free feed oyster shell, and maybe watch to see who is most dominate and doing the most picking. When you find out who the ring leaders (usually have most of their feathers) are, pull them into a separate enclosure for a few days and then re-introduce them. This can help knock them down in the pecking order and give relief to some of the barer backed gals. Good luck on your instant flock.


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Jan 25, 2007
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Good luck! Sounds like shes in a tough spot right now and is getting desprate. I also would get them on a layer feed. If you can find a layer supplement with 20% protein that will help get them the nutrition and protein they need to keep on trucking along. 100 bucks would get you like maybe 10 layers out this way. Good to see you can give them a home!

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