Well I ended up with 3 drakes and a hen..

Kim bi3

Jun 1, 2020
I have rouen ducks and I'm a first time duck owner. I'm quickly figuring things out.
My intention was to get eggs from a small flock and my daughters surprised me..ugh.
What should I do? I want more hens and less drakes cause I read drakes will give my 1 hen a hard time. I do believe I'm correct on the sex because of the green shine coming in on their heads.
They're all the same age...8 weeks old.
Thanks for your help

nchls school

7 Years
Apr 22, 2015
Please post profile pictures of your ducklings. Mine are also 8 weeks old with not the slightest sign of their adult plumage. Both do have a greenish sheen over the browns and blacks when in the sun, but I'm positive I have a pair.

Sexing by voice is an option. At 8 weeks the hens have a LOUD beginners quack while the drakes will be far quieter sounding like they have a cold; more raspy sounding.

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