Well is she broody???


It Is What It Is
10 Years
Jun 23, 2009
I noticed last night when the other hens and roos went to roost one was missing (they are still roosting in the garage not the coop). so i went to the coop and there she was in the next box. i saw her earlier in the day in nest box around 12:00 noon, she was there all day. I shut the pop door. This morning I went and checked her and she was still in the nest box. She can only be sitting on one new egg and an X egg i placed in there on 2/3/10. What should I do, Just remove the eggs from her or leave her be?
Sure sounds like she is broody. Do you want her to hatch eggs? Do you have fertile eggs for her?

Being broody is hard on a hen. They have managed to do it for thousands of years and survive but,in my opinion, you should do one of two things. Either break her from being broody or give her some eggs to hatch. If you let us know which you prefer, this forum can give you all the help you should need. We are certainly not short of opinions or advice.

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