Well it's official....


Apr 9, 2011
we now have a pet rooster

We have known for weeks that he was probably a roo....red watttles and comb at 4 weeks....even for new chicken owners like us it was a no brainer
He is now almost 9 weeks. I have been hearing this weird sound for like a week now and thought is was coming from him, but could never catch him. Our coop is under our deck, so when I walked out this morning....I heard it again....coming from right below me....I ran down and there was "Bubba" standing in the coop door....so proud of himself LOL At least he waited until 9 am this morning to start it up.....I am sure I won't be so lucky every day


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May 4, 2011
West Florida
Yep, that's what happened to us. I kept trying to fool myself into believing Sparkle was a girl, even with the darker comb and the jumping on the other two until their tail feathers started coming out. Then he started crowing. Now he's Sparky Sue the Roo (thanks gingerc and naakte) .

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