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    I live in East TN. Near Knoxville. There's a mule that needs a home. I have not owned an equine of any form before. Handled, ridden, mucked, cleaned hooves, groomed but not owned. And that was in CA and TX, neither got as cold or wet.

    The mule's a young jenny, just turning three, she's seen a farrier regularly, no she's not very broke but I'm only interested in halter and driving eventually and I've worked with shy animals before.

    I can fence off 3/4 of an acre but I was wondering about shelter. Can I do a lean to, or two or three walled shelter. I don't get snow hardly ever and our valley does not get a great deal of screaming sun in summer. Right now I'm worried about winter.

    A broad roof that left a lot of dry area and two walls - would that provide enough shelter? I can always add a third. I'm just looking at speed, she's VASTLY unwanted where she is. She's herding calves away from their cows.

    It's been a LONG time since I worked with horses, long long, she's 12 hh, what should I plan on getting in for feed a week, there's some but not a lot of graze this time of year obviously.

    Thanks. OMG what am I doing now??
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    Donkeys are generally easy keepers. I would just give her a good grass hay and watch her weight. Remember they are herd animals and do much better with companionship. A simple 3 sided shed should be adequate.
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    You really really ought to get a second equid for companionship.

    A three-sided shed is FINE. My 3 horses, two of whom are 20+ and two of whom are TBs, live out 24/7 with just a very large shed for shelter, UP HERE IN CANADA. I do put them in the barn for a few hours or overnight about 3-4 nights per year, usually if we are having a prolonged hard freezing rain or wet snow from the south (less shelter available from s winds). But the other 360-ish days per year they do not walk thru the barn doorway at all.

    They are FINE. Healthier and happier than when I used to have to board them and they only got daily turnout, in fact.

    I would suggest a shed that is at LEAST 10' deep (15' is much better, esp. if you have no barn to put 'em in) and has 8-10' of frontage per horse/mule/donkey. You could go a little bit narrower if you will only ever have pony-sized critters, but it's not that much different. Build it big enough for 2-3, it is MUCh easier than discovering later on it's too small.

    Get some good grass or mostly-grass mix hay to feed. That's all she should need. NO GRAIN. Have the vet look her over, and make farrier app't for her feet (you may need to invest a buncha time installing better feet manners, as donkeys can be "funny" and farriers do NOT like funny donkeys at ALL.)

    Have fun [​IMG]

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