Well that's odd...

urban dreamer

10 Years
Sep 28, 2009
Sherwood, AR
I have a flock of four (2 BRs and 2 EEs). A couple of weeks ago, my EE Gladys started to lay again after her molt. She was laying a big green egg every couple of days. Four days ago I went out to collect eggs and found a big brown egg instead of a green one. One of my BRs is laying! Im pretty sure its my "queen of the flock", Zoii. The odd thing is, since Zoii has begun to lay again, Gladys has not. Could Gladys be intimidated by Zoii in the nest box? We have two boxes. Gladys uses only one of them and Zoii seems to be alternating. Its been about a week now since Gladys has laid, will she every resume laying? It kinda bugs me that when another hen started laying, the other stopped! Has anyone ever had this problem before?

If it helps: Zoii is over two years old and Gladys is over a year so they are not new layers. They have been together since November.

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