Well...they are here! And doing well... I think? (PIC!!)


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Feb 7, 2010
They are here. There are 6, alive PEEPING, eating, drinking, pecking chicks!

Okay, is normal behavior to be so spunky?? One keeps hauling off and running at things, a couple are pecking at each other... not in a hateful manner, more playful- and they are PEEPING loud. There is enough heat for them in there... It's at 95ish in one of the corners.

I would post a pic but I didn't realize I didn't know how! Do i have to use photobucket *** Got it... thank you!!!
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Oh, no, don't use photo-bucket - I never can see those pics! To put photos up here, click on UPLOADS (between Recent Posts and Golden Feather) and then browse on your computer to find the photo you want to upload. Then copy the image link and paste it in your post. ;-)

As to your chick activity, that's chicks for ya. Busy, busy, busy. Except when they fall asleep, every few minutes. They're either ON or OFF. What's especially cute is when little itty bitty chicks scratch on the 'ground' like Big Chickens. It tickles my heart to see that. They can run full tilt across the brooder, chase their brooder mates, everybody runs to eat at the same time when one decides to eat, or drink, get on top of the feeder, pile into a bunch o' chicks, all that fun stuff. It's better than watching TV.

There is a difference between the normal chick peeping and the distressed chick peeping. The only time mine are quiet for any length of time is when they're asleep. Well, that's not quite true.... it just seems that way.
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