Well what the heck!!!

7L Farm

9 Years
Jul 22, 2010
Anderson, Texas
I've been getting 1 egg a day from one of my 10 RIR"S .I like to eat at least two eggs. So, I'm having to wait 2 days to eat eggs. Anyway, I go out to the coop & my girl is in the box's laying an egg she's new at this & it takes her about 30 minutes to lay it. I wait & finally bingo. She jumps out of her nest I go in get the egg & go eat breakfast. I go out there after breakfast & thank her. I peek through the window & sure enough there's another girl in a different box's . I'm thinking great now I can eat eggs everyday. Wrong!!! The new layer sits on the nest for 30 minutes jumps off. I'm pumped I go in to get the egg & nothing. Someone explain this behavior.
It's just that she's a new layer. I had many false starts with my Leghorns before I got my first white egg. I was thinking she was eating her own eggs because I would see her in the nest and then nothing. She just needs time.
I had many birds get in the boxr and "practice". Some did it for up to 10 days before they ever layed..... one EE hen practiced, but now hides the eggs and after maybe 65-70 eggs, has still not layed one in the nest box! Starting to hate her. She is very pretty, but what is the point?

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