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11 Years
May 2, 2009
Forest Lake, Minnesota
I just wanted to say what a great experience I had with welp hatchery. I was driving through Iowa on my way to a wedding in Witchita when I stopped in to visit Welp in Bancroft Iowa. I asked if I could order some chicks for pickup on the following Mon. morning when I was driving back through Iowa. I think that the salesman thought that he was going to get a big sale from me when he asked how many I wanted. I said just two birds. Well he started laughing and talked me into a third cornish-rock. That is the only type of bird they have on site. They could not have been nicer to me. When I came back on Mon. morning they had my birds packed and waiting for me. They even added a fourth extra bird. I know that they made no profit on that order but did lots in the good will department. Their staff went out of their way to accomodate me and I appreciate all that they didl.
We ordered 25 chicks (4 breeds) from Welp. Decided to add Marecks vaccination a month after the order was placed and phone staff was helpful and accomodating.

Welp is in Iowa, and we live in Washington State. The chicks came from New Mexico, via Texas. I checked the zip code, and it is the same as Privett. Hmmm, seems they are associated. I planned to order from Privett, but they were out of what I wanted!?!

The chicks were shipped on Monday and were here Wednesday bright and early. All chicks survived, appear to be exactly what I ordered and pepped up by the next day. They are now 11 days old, very active, vocal, and playful. One had a mild pasty butt days 2-4, but I rinsed it off a few times and she preened herself nicely and looks great now.

Hatchery chicks are not show quality, but for a home flock they will do just fine. We are happy and satisfied.

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