Welsh Harlequin question.


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Jul 31, 2012
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Hi all,
I have a flock of ducklings, one of which is a welsh harlequin. I am wondering though, aren't their bills supposed to be dark? Mine has a yellow bill... She isn't feathered out at all yet (three weeks old) so I can't tell if she looks like a welsh harlequin or not. I'm wondering if she isn't that breed... Every photo I see they have dark brown bills....
Oh, it's not supposed to darken after hatching? Maybe I misunderstood.
She is starting to feather out, and I'm wondering if it's normal as well. She is dark in a lot more areas than I would think for being a Harlequin. Does this look right? She is (obviously) the in the back. Haha! Her head has a lot of dark fuzz and her chest and back are completely covered in dark pencilled pin feathers that haven't unrolled yet.

Hi the bill should darken when she begins to lay. Mine girls' did. The WHs are so delightful!

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