Welsh harlquin duck

We love them lots! They are social, get along with other ducks well, love to get treats, and they are beautiful. The drakes are quiet, the ducks have a quiet nature, but a loud honk. They lay great eggs and I have heard their meat is great as well. Their feathers are great for hairpieces and other crafts. You will love them.
do u have all breeds I'm looking for 2 call duck 1 female 1 male a male Muscovy and a female welsh harlequin lol I'm picky but they are all just so beautiful I have 1 buff female and 1 female Muscovy. Daisy and Quakers
Thanks I saw a harlequin the other day and they are beautiful I wouldn't get a ducklings because when I had ducklings the drake actually killed 1 but he passed away this winter with 2 other ducks at the same time idk but yup anyways they are gorgeous animals and I love to collect all them eggs
Love me some Welsh!

Here are a few of mine at about 6 weeks.

Although they are of the same breed, there are subtle differences in color within the breed. Of the batch of 11, two of them are near white with tan trim, a few are of the "silver" variety, and a few others are a medium brownish. Should add some visual character to the flock.


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