Welsummer Hen has eye shut

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    I have a wellie hen who has spent the last week alone in the coop on the roost. She has one eye shut, and looks like shes molting. She really comes to life if I try to get close enough to get a good look. I did catch her once over the weekend and gave her a good going over. Her comb and face are nicely red, no bugs or spots or anything weird looking. I checked her really well for bugs, mites, fleas, leg mites....didnt find anything. Her butt is clean, she's not fluffing herself up or hunching up looking all sick.... But she wont come out of the coop and her tail feathers are coming out, and her one eye is shut. It looksl ike it might be a teeny bit matted shut but its so miniscule that I cant even tell if its really matted shut or not. What could she be up to?
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    If she isn't sick, could it be something in her eye, like dust or grass seed???

    i would wait a few days to see if it clears up. You can put lubricated eye drops in her affected eye and see if she would blink and get rid of whats in her eye.

    I had it once with one of my Wellie girl. I havent introduce any new birds nor was she sick. So I put some eye drops twice a day in her eyes and it cleared up on the second day and she never gave me any problems since then. I figured either she got something in her eye or she scratched her eye with her nails accidently.

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