Welsummer Hens - SW Washington State Pick Up Only


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May 30, 2008
Washington State
With much sadness I am selling my Welsummers and will no longer be breeding them. I had to make a decision about which breed to get out of and since I do not have a mature rooster at this time, it came down to the Welsummers.
I have 2 hens that are of excellent quality and both lay great colored eggs. Both of these 2 hens could also be shown if that is what you are looking for. Both have been proven and throw excellent offspring. One hen is 2 years old and the other is 1.5 years old.
I also have another pullet that will be turning 1 year old late this summer, she lays beautiful eggs. Recently she has developed a single white feather in her hackle that may be due to an injury that she sustained when she was relocated to a new coop and the rooster was very hard on her, but because of this feather and not knowing if it will molt out yet, I personally would not use her for breeding purposes but rather for lovely Terra Cotta Eggs.

I am asking $25.00 for each girl. All three of them are laying.

I also have 2 cockerels and a young pullet growing out that are also for sale and are from my bloodlines and our very own HappyChooks' gorgeous rooster, Moose. One of the cockerels is looking great and I believe he will produce excellent offspring if bred over the 2 breed worthy hens. The young pullet is extremely friendly. For more information on the youngins please contact me.

Contact me via PM or regular email [email protected] for more information. I will be turning my computer off until later in the day so if you prefer to call you can find my number on my website www.pinksmarans.com . I don't know if it is okay to post phone numbers here so that is why I didn't not. Sorry.

I forgot to mention that my original birds came from Lowell Barber lines and I purchased my original flock from an elderly gentleman who purchased them originally. I have been breeding them now for the last 4+ years so I consider them my line of Wellies.....soon to be someone else's line of Wellies.

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