Welsummer or brown leghorn?

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  1. Lily is 13 weeks old and she's supposed to be a Welsummer, from Estes Hatchery. About a week ago I noticed that her tail was very upright and today I noticed her white 'ears'. What sayeth the experts?

    *crosses fingers*


  2. OutInTheStiks

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    Jun 23, 2009
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    I sayeth I am no expert, but those white earlobes scream brown leghorn.
  3. *sigh* Yeah, those ears, that comb, and that tail are killing me. I purposely went with Estes because they're supposed to have fairly decent welsummers and well, karma had it out for me I think. I went to feathersite though and couldn't really find any pictures of brown leghorns that look like her either. I think she has to be a bad example of one of the two though, but I could be wrong.
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    I wouldn't be quick to call her a Leghorn, the comb doesn't look floppy or big enough to be a brown leghorn female... The coloring to me looks a little bit more Welsummer-ish, but you are right. The earlobes and tail are slightly worrisome. Either way she is beautiful! And so is that black and white EE!
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    Apr 1, 2010
    Does she run and fly around like a bat out of you-know-where? For no apparent reason? 'cause boy that tail looks like the one I have that everyone here decided is a white leghorn (sold as an Ameraucana), and that's how she is. Slimer than the other girls, too. And my Leghorn's comb is still fairly small at 16 weeks.
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    Did she always have white earlobes or do they turn white at some point in their development? I have a batch of mystery chicks from MPC that I'm trying to decided between Welsummer and Brown Leghorn. I've been leaning lately toward Welsummer, but they are only 3-weeks old and since I'm such a newbie at this, I didn't know if the ear lobe thing develops later.

  7. I only noticed her ears within the last week or two, but none of the leghorns on feathersite have such pronounced white ear fluffs, so I have no idea! I'm thinking Ewesheep will know for sure, hope she pops on.
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    Not a Welsummer to me, her tail is too upright and too much black into her tail feathers. Her comb is OK but she does not have the type of a Welsummer at all. Not all Brown Leghorns got flopped over combs. White earlobes, they should never have them for Welsummers.

    Here is the standard for the Welsummers:

    Head golden brown. Hackle golden brown or copper, the lower feathers with black striping and golden shaft. Breast rich chestnut red going well down to lower parts. Back and wing bow reddish brown, each feather stippled or peppered with black specks (i.e. partridge marking), shaft of feather showing lighter and very distinct. Wing bar chestnut brown; primaries, inner web black, outer brown; secondaries, outer web brown, coarsely stippled with black; inner web black, slightly peppered with brown. Abdomen and thighs brown with grey shading. Tail black, outer feathers pencilled with brown.

    Beak yellow or horn. Eyes red. Comb, face, ear lobes and wattles bright red. Legs and feet yellow. Undercolour dark slate grey.

    SERIOUS DEFECTS: Comb other than single or with side sprigs. White in lobe, excessive white in plumage. Feather on legs, hocks or between toes. Other than four toes. Striping in neck hackle or saddle of male. Absolutely black or whole red breast in the male. Salmon breast in the female. Legs other than yellow. Badly crooked or duck toes. Any body deformity. Coarseness, beefiness and anything which interferes with the productiveness and general utility of the breed.
  9. EweSheep

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    Also her conformation (body structure) yells Leghorn type to me.
  10. EweSheep

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    Welsummer for you!

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