Welsummer Spotted Egg Gene


Jul 1, 2018
Goshen County, Wyoming
I'm very curious about this topic too, not so much for that specific cross, but just for Welsummer roosters in general. I have replaced my RIR rooster with a Welsummer rooster who hatched last summer. That RIR was an A hole. I'm wondering now if the offspring from the Welsummer and a variety of potential other crosses will producer darker and/or spotted eggs? All my girls lay brown eggs already, I wonder how their offspring x Welsummer will do. The possibilities that I have in hens are Gold Laced Wyandotte, Partridge Cochin, Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red, other Welsummers, and Golden Comets ( I understand that these GC hens are already hybrids and would lead to some pretty mixed up offspring, but I can tell which eggs came from them, large and darkest besides the Welsummer's, and I would likely pull them from a clutch in the beginning). I was thinking at first, that I'd only hatch the Welsummer x Welsummer eggs, but now I'm wondering if some of those other crosses would be cool too, or if any of you had experiences with any of these crosses before? Would the Welsummer rooster lead to darker eggs generally through his offspring? I would think so, but don't know? Do any of you gene wizards and/or prior cross breeders have some input for me? I'm also thinking of adding a few Barnevelder and a few Black Copper Maran chicks next Spring too. It seems that most of my egg customers really dig the darker eggs. Have any of you tried Hoover's Midnight Majesty yet? IIRC it comes from Maran x Austrolorp? I may get a couple of those too.
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