Welsummer's wanted in PA


11 Years
Feb 12, 2008
I have a small flock of 8 birds. At one point was a dozen. Have had them for a few years and its time to add to the group. I am really interested in getting some Welsummer's. My kids would really like to hatch some eggs but I also want some mature birds. My oldest will be of 4H age next year so we would like some nice stock to prepare for that.

I would really like to get 2 adult hens and 1 adult roo that I could use to hatch some new eggs from in the coming years. Does anyone on here know of anyone who has adult Welsummer's I might be able to buy?

I am hesitant to just order eggs because a) I could hatch out 5 roosters and two hens. b) maybe 4 of the six don't even hatch or c) all of them hatch then I have too maybe to house.

If I can get the 2 and 1 combo then I could control things going forward.

Any thoughts?
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