Went to the feed store by myself! What are they?

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Jan 29, 2011
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I made the mistake of just stopping by the feed store today, and they had bantams! And they were just too cute and little, and I had an extra brooder that was too small for the other chicks I got 3 weeks ago. So after a very long, drawn out text begging session with DH, 4 of them came home with me. The ladies at the feed store had not a clue what they might be besides bantams

So please, bantam experts, what do I got here?

Chick 1 - This was the only one in the bin that looked like this:


Chick 2 - This one has the coolest orange beak!:


Chick 3 - This one is the smallest of the bunch:


Chick 4:

Chick 3 is a duckwing color of Old English.

Chick 1 looks like a Hamburg or mutt.

Chick 2 looks like a mutt or something.

Chick 4 looks like. . . A mutt? It's got a Cochin type body, an odd color, and a beard/muffs.
I have seen these very same types of chicks before. They are known as "What the H" chicks. As in What the H am I going to do with more chickens, or What the H was I thinking chicks. They are also known as "OMG's" , as in OMG I'm addicted and need help! Chicks, or OMG, where am I going to put more chickens.

Clearly you should not have been allowed to go to the feed store by yourself and in serious need of intervention. Just not by anyone on THIS forum.

Seriously be honest. You/we don't care what breed they are they're just cute and you/we can't help ourselves. What scares me is I don't want to become a collector. I hate dog collectors and cat collectors. What if I can't take care of the chickens I have? Building more and more coops. Trying to squeeze one more chicken in there. Lord help me.

Someone asked me what the yellow fuzz was on my arm. I had to confess is was a chick patch.

I hope I can get control

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I agree. I think #1 is maybe a silver sebright?

After lots and lots of hatchery searches, I think this is it! McMurray's videos all looks almost exactly like these 4 breeds. Now just hope they're not all roos! Thanks to EVERYONE for your help and expertise

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