Went to the Tattoo on Saturday it was awesome

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  1. call ducks

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    Mar 4, 2009
    waterville , canada
    Ok so on Saturday (yah just a smidge late posting about it) i went to the Royal Nova Scotica Int. Tattoo. About an hour and a half drive one way.

    The Theme this year was "Hero's"

    There was....

    Taunusstenin Gym wheels

    Skipping- Talentholdet

    Do RE MI

    The Band of America's Few

    Jiffy Jeep

    Don't mess with a grandma

    <moth full> Herresmusikkorps 12

    Percsion Motorbike team from france

    and so many more.

    Basicly it is a show that brings groups from all over the worl to Hailfax for 8 or so days each year.

    Go to the metro center and sit down the announcer makes announcements the 50/50 guys shout "Get your 50/50 tickets here"

    The show starts a few things happen.

    The main highlets i belive in this order....

    The giant wheel team from (dainland??) do crazy things!! They spin around so close to the ground i think there noses were touching it!

    Then the lights go down, and you see these Neon GREEN skipping ropes! They are long, and look to be custom.

    They skip for a bit then theres like 3 going and one guy is skipping all of those.... they keep adding another skiping rope. One point i think there was 10 or so ropes going in uincison! they swingers were like a wave! and the guy manages to skip them! At this point my jaw is touching the floor.

    <skip a lot>

    Then the Jeffy Jeep comes. WWII jeep. The Army (Canaidan of course) Takes the jeep appart in to 7 or so peaces ( Hood, chasie, engine, wheels,axiles,) and put's it back togather in under 3min. Then they get in and start it and drive out.

    OHHH and then there was "Don't mess with grandma" Byfar the funnyest peace....

    You see ropes and then the guys from the un-armed close combait fighting squad repell to the floor. after they are all down and start to flip each other over etc. Theres this "Woman" (Man dressed up as an old grandma with a walker) comes in and the accouncer is like "whooo stop" grandma keeps walking then you here "Get the security" and they rush in. Next thing you see the walker go flying and the gards are on the floor to more come in etc. Then the guys from the close armed combait are like "yah we can take this" well they all get knocked out.

    If you ever have the change this Tattoo is one worth to get (err.. go to).
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    Sounds like an incredible show. [​IMG]
  3. call ducks

    call ducks silver appleyard addict

    Mar 4, 2009
    waterville , canada
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    Purely by accident I was in town for the Edinborough Scotland Tattoo several years back. I know what you mean by a great show.

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