Went to TSC for feed came home with 10 bantam chicks. What breed?


10 Years
Jul 16, 2009
Cetral FL
So much for keeping myself from buying any when I went in. I have 4 bantam girls that I got as adults. I had never seen them as chicks. FUZZY BUTTS! So what breeds might these be please.

I have 2 of these

2 of these

2 of these

3 of these

1 of these with feathered feet

Thank you in advance.
#1 Crele Old English Game Bantam is my best guess, and with that coloring she's be a girl

#2 Black Old English Game Bantam

#3 Self-Blue Old English Game Bantam

#4 Guessing another OEGB, not sure on what variety

#5 Black Bantam cochin

Thats my best guess!
I too went to our local TSC to just look at what type of chicks they were selling. I was disgusted with the employees. They didn't know one chick from another. The chicks I saw were being sold as RIRs and there might of been some RIR in the chicks background but if you ever hatched out RIR chicks you know how stunning their color can be. The ducks omg what breed were those? I saw one employee telling someone about the growing box they had with all the stuff in the box. A cardboard box with feed and a few other things that MIGHT last 2 weeks for $20 wow. One thing for sure their chicks make mine look grand
the 4th pic down looks to be golden seabright

also I wanted to add. not sure if your TSC uses the same hatchery as mine does but I bought a little black clean legged one like pic #2 and I beleive(with suggestions from others on this site) that it may be black minorca bantam. very fast runner!

and the last one with feathered feet is probably black cochin

they are so pretty

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