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I'm Nancy. I live pretty far away from anything....................... I'm about 25 miles north of Willow Alaska. The Iditarod sled dog race started down the road from here Sunday.
I have sled dogs and chickens, and live a simple life.
It's snowing today and I'm putting off going outside............. but I've got to get out sometime soon and shovel snow, and feed all of "my Kids", 2 legged and 4.
That's my "resident fox" we have a deal, if he leaves my chickens alone I'll feed him, if not, he'll be a wall ornament. He comes almost every night even now and I always have food out for him.
Have a goodun!!!!! Nancy
Hello, I'm Steve & I live in the middle of the U.S. in the middle of nowhere & love it. You've heard of "the backwoods boys'? I live BEHIND them!
I am drastically downsizeing on my flocks. I sold ALOT of birds a month ago & now I only have.....
20 Red Shouldered Yokahamas
6 EE's
10 turkeys
4 Black-tailed buff Japanese Bantams
8 Seramas
6 Silver Pheasants
7 Silver Lakenvelders
5 Golden Campines
& 1 lone Spangle O.E. banty

I also have 3 mini horses, 7 dogs, 2 cockatiels, & 1 very loveing wife of 24 years.
Oh yeah, 15 more Lakenvelders & 5 turkeys are on order.
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Hi, I'm Buff and I live on Cape Cod, just a short canoe ride across the ocean from you.
Welcome to BYC! There's lots of quail lovers here.
Hello- My name is Larissa and I live smack dab in a giant city in a giant desert.

I have chickens and am thinking about maybe a turkey.
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