We're going for #2 in Derby, Vermont!


10 Years
Jul 4, 2009
Barton VT
Before anyone can be naughty....NOT THAT #2!

Well, in case no one posted, it was drizzling, cloudy, breezy and cold on May 15th.

However.........we had to have had about 7-10 vendors at least who braved it out. I sold all 7 birds within the first 1/2 hour I was there. Some of the vendors and customers and myself talked and said we should do something like this every month. This was actually the FIRST swap in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont! Alot of people were excited.
So....we are doing another one for June. See below for the information. I am asking for people to register so that I have a mailing list and I know what might be coming (I had alot of people ask me who had what before the last one).
Hope to see ALOT of people there this time around!


Farmer Swap and Sale
June 12th 10am - 2pm
Tractor Supply Co. , Derby, VT (right of I-91)
if interested....contact me to register and/or get information
Hi all! I just wanted to remind everyone that the swap is still on for this Saturday at TSC in Derby, VT.
This is what I am planning on bringing if anyone is interested.....

6 Barred Rock male chicks----all hand raised and VERY friendly fellows
4 full sized Salmon Faverolle hens (1 yr old) laying everyday
2 dozen fertilized Silkie eggs
I may have 1 or 2 Easter Egger hens laying everyday....haven't decided yet.

I am just asking everyone to "register" with me with name, address and what you plan on bringing. No fees what so ever.

Hope to hear from some people!

I will have 2 dozen SILKIE hatching eggs with me. Great hatch rate and great girl ratio!

Also will have 4 Full Size Salmon Faverolle hens that are laying nice brownish eggs every day
A HAMBURG rooster (rare breed) that was with the Faverolles and Easter Eggers we rescued
One (maybe 2...haven't decided) Easter Egger (Ameracauna/ Araucauna) hens...laying every day nice large blue green eggs
6 3-week old Barred Rock chicks...super friendly and so funny to watch!

Hoping for nice rain free weather!


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