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Jul 1, 2022
Hi! I’ve loved this site since I found it in early 2021. It’s helped me learn how to save a chicken with a broken femur and how to self diagnose egg peritonitis. I’m currently dealing with a water belly like case so I joined and posted for my first time today :) Trying to be a good new member so for those interested:

1. We (husband and I) got 8 chickens when we moved out of Seattle onto some acreage in November 2020 which came with 8 1.5yr old hens.
2. We now have 16 hens, 5 pullets, and 1 cockerel (excited for our first rooster experience- he’s crowing as I type)
3. We started with Isa Browns, Golden Comets, Welsummers, and a Barred Rock, but have added Ameraucanas, a Silver Wyandotte, a Speckled Sussex, Oliver Eggers, Buff Orpingtons, and Black Copper Marans
4. I love learning our chickens personalities, seeing them interact, learn about how to raise them well and give them a good life, and of course, the eggs :)
5. Other hobbies include gardening, traveling, enjoying time outdoors (camping, hiking, snowboarding), cooking, and spending time with family
6. My immediate family is me and my husband so far, plus our fur/feather children; 2 senior boy cats, 2 young boy pups, and our chickens. I’m a product manager by day, aspiring farmer by night

Looking forward to connecting and meeting many of you!



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