Wet chickens in the rain!


May 23, 2017
What? They are chickens.... mine free range all day when it rains because they eat up the bugs. Their feathers are partially waterproof, and it’s fine for them to be wet. They will be perfectly fine in the winter time.... mine stay out all day long and go in at night and I’ve never had an issue. They are barnyard animals.... they’re a lot hardier than people give them credit for. Chickens survived long before humans started caring for them and building them coops.
A voice of reason. I love it.
I understand being concerned, but let’s get real. Wild chickens seem to survive without human interference, so I imagine my flock would do ok without me.


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Sep 8, 2020
When I was reading about chickens, I got the impression that chickens wouldn't like inclement weather... but clearly mine missed the memo. It was thunderstorming and 50 degrees and windy out today, but they insisted on free ranging all day. When I closed them up tonight they were all soaking wet. :confused: I really get the impression that the flock leader is the instigator - she's a SS hen and absolutely fearless. Everyone else seems to want to stay in their nice covered run... but out she goes into the rain, and everyone follows her.

Winter is fast approaching... do you think they'll be bright enough to not get soaked before a night below freezing? Or do I need to make sure I don't have chicken popsicles??? ;):gig
My chickens are the same I shut them I. When the weather is bad. And they have a protective chicken run and they still go out


Oct 5, 2020
The only problem I have had with the rain is one rainstorm that flooded the yard where they were free ranging. Mine were scared to move when they were standing in about 2 inches of water. I had to go get them and put them in the run until the water subsided. The rain doesn't seem to bother them other than that.


Oct 11, 2020
Albalate de Zorita, España
They definitely don't like the rain. After two days of constant rain, I have observed that the moment water begins to fall on their feathers they run to hide under the henhouse until the rain stops, but they do not go inside.
After the rain they like to dig in the ground and have discovered the moss on the stones and eat it.🤮

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