wet look tail feathers?


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Apr 21, 2008
One of my hens tails looks like it's got wet look hair gel on it, it isn't actually wet or damp - it just looks like it is. She's also behaving very slow.....when I feed the three of them treats she never seems to 'get in there' and looses out (though I do separate her and give her her own bits!). We also had two days with no egg from her, and today an egg with a very thin shell.

Any ideas?
You've got this posted in the wrong section - hopefully, a moderator will move it.

How old is your hen? What breed? What are you feeding her?
Sorry posted in wrong location,but the reason it was put in this section is because she has also missed laying the last couple of days and wondered if it was linked

the hen is 5 months old,

we think she is a bovan brown,

I am feeding layers, constant access to oyster shell, they also are free range but nothing different to the other hens but she has a wet look tail,

hope someone can help with my question.
If she is acting funny, the first thing to always do is isolate.

Then if she is sick, it won't spread to the flock.

Can you post a pic?
Just a quick update, she's fine back to her alert cheery self now, laying an egg a day. Her feathers are just the same, I think they must just have turned curly and it was a coincideence!!!!!

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