Wet neck/face and red bits in poo. Vocal.


7 Years
Apr 18, 2012
Wolverhampton, England. UK.
Hi, I have searched the forums and read a lot on this 'wet neck' but many replies don't give an accurate answer and are years old. So hence the new thread...

I have four chicks that are a month old. Silkie x Frizzles. I have hatched them myself and they have been in the brooder from birth, cleaned three times a day, disinfected, clean water and food multiple times a day. YET they have this wet neck/head thing going on.

First, one had it. Then another, now another. The last chick hasn't got it yet.

The waterer is a chick one which isn't deep enough to wet their heads, they can just fit the tip of their beak into it.

They are not too hot or too cold, they seem comfortable. They are very vocal which tells me something is wrong. I wormed them about a week ago. I have also put liquid tonic with vits into their water today.

I checked their poo for worms, no worms - but tiny fleshy red bits. Not blood. I have read that they could be normal shedding of intestines. True?

They aren't going thru a molt... their feathers are actually wet to the touch.

Hope you can help. Apart from these things, they are eating and drinking normally and pooing normally. They aren't pecking each other or anything else.



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