We've got a broody...


10 Years
Sep 6, 2010
Our year old BO has been leading up to being broody for over a week now. It's full on now and we don't have a cage we can put her in - I've locked her out of the coop, will this be enough to break her? She's going crazy trying to get in, but it's cool and windy, I was hoping that would cool her off enough.

They have food, water and shelter and I'll let them in tonight.
I have a broody BO too! I haven't tried much to break her...just pick her up off the nest and put her out. Since I don't have an adult roo, she is just wasting her time and hogging the favorite nest! I am moving in about 2 weeks, so I figure if she is still broody then that 5 hour trip should break it up. If not, well I don't know...I am not gonna stress over it!
They are funny when they are broody aren't they? I'd like her to keep eating (and laying!).
Wow is it BO broody season or what?! One of my BO hens has been broody for the last couple weeks. I tried moving her to a hutch to break her of it and it didn't work. So.. I have her in the hutch now with her own box and was able to get some fertile eggs from a friend of mine. She is happily laying on 7 eggs. The funny part is she was sitting on nothing before and seemed happy.. LOL. Just remember to take her out once a day to let her take a dust bath, drink/eat and poop. They tend not to take care of themselves when they are in that broody zone. When mine is done with her "time off the nest" she gets anxious trying to get back to her eggs. I put the box with the eggs on the ground and she gets in and sits .. I pick up the box and put her back in the hutch.

Good luck!


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