What’s the best layer feed? Why do eggs smelly fishy?


Apr 12, 2021
Hello everyone!

First time chicken owner. My girls are 13 weeks. I’m looking ahead to layer feed when appropriate. My neighbor brings eggs over but they are so fishy smelling and tasting we can’t stomach them 😬, especially the kids when they ask why the eggs smells like fish! While we do appreciate them, how do I prevent this once my own girls start laying? I’ve read into it and a lot goes in with their diet. What is the best layer feed in everyone’s opinion? What do you do with fishy eggs? Thank you!
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I definitely would ask her what feed she uses and type.
Some companies add Canola Meal to the ingredients, and if they add too much it can make eggs smell fishy.
Try to find a brand without Canola Meal.
My favorite is Nutrena Naturewise feeds, but I also use Purina feeds when it's not available and I like BlueSeal/Kent feed for chickens.
Check the label before buying.
Don't switch to a Layers feed till 18 weeks old or the first egg.
Do put out a separate container of Oyster Shells after 15 weeks old.

Myself I don't feed a layers feed, I feed a Non-Medicated Starter-Grower 18%, with Oyster Shells separately. My eggs taste great.
With store bought eggs I had to put ketchup on them. GC


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Also watch out for too much flax seed - used to darken the yolks, it too can cause a fishy taste. I buy layer pellets from my local feed mill, and store-brand crumble from Atwoods. Since prices have been going up, I'm just keeping it simple for a while. The girls are healthy, and the eggs taste great!

Edit - add link for interesting article just found, says "Normally, when a hen eats her feed, her liver produces an enzyme that deodorizes the fishiness of the Omega-3’s in her diet. However, some hens have a defective gene that prevents enough of the enzyme from being produced." It could be something specific to your neighbor's chickens!

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